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Geomembranes Manufacturer in uttarakhand

Mono Industries is among the main Geomembranes maker and provider in Delhi, India. Fabricated utilizing high-review polyethylene, pitches and other crude material sourced from rumored sellers, and procedures like blow film, these are among the most profited items in the individual market. Geomembranes offered in this experience thorough quality tests keeping in mind the end goal to affirm their brilliance mechanical protection and substance similarity.

Giving these an atomic introduction in an adjusted arrangement, the Geomembranes guarantee idealize capacity of weld and upgraded adaptability. Being manufactured layer liners with low penetrability, Geomembranes help in controlling relocation of liquids/gases in human-made structures, frameworks or sheets with the assistance of geo technical designing. These are fabricated at standard with mechanical standards and globally set models by utilizing moderately thin polymeric sheets. Different strategies for assembling Geomembranes incorporate impregnation of geo textiles with multi layered bitumen geo-composites,elastomer/polymer splashes, or black-top.

Outlining an extensive variety of Geomembranes in shifting sizes, thickness, widths and distances across, the organization serves differing requests of customers with most extreme flawlessness. Experienced stringent quality tests and assessments, all the Geomembranes offered in this are extolled for expanded versatility modulus, diminished lengthening at disappointment, minimum disappointment stretch and the insignificant pliability misfortune. Profit Geomembranes in most elevated quality according to the coveted amounts in slightest time spans.

Properties of Geomembranes:

Items offered thus include the accompanying properties:





Mass per unit region (weight)

Dissolve stream file

Thickness (finished, smooth sheet, sharpness stature)

Vapor transmission (dissolvable and water)

Port quality

Lengthening and elasticity (axisymmetric, file, wide width and creases)

Interface shear quality

Stress breaking (single point and steady load)

Tear, affect and cut protection

Organic corruption (microbes, growths or creatures)

Compound and oxidative


Radioactive debasement

Warm conduct (hot or cool)

Bright light introduction (research center of field)