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Geomembranes Supplier in Assam

Mono Industries is amongst the leading Geomembranes manufacturer and supplier in Delhi, India. Manufactured using high-grade polyethylene, resins and other raw material sourced from reputed vendors, and processes like blow film, these are amongst the most availed products in the respective market. Geomembranes offered herein undergo rigorous quality tests in order to confirm their excellence mechanical resistance and chemical compatibility. 

Giving these a molecular orientation in a balanced format, the Geomembranes ensure perfect ability of solder and enhanced flexibility. Being synthetic membrane liners with low permeability, Geomembranes help in controlling migration of fluids/ gases in human-made structures, systems or sheets with the help of geotechnical engineering. These are manufactured at par with industrial norms and internationally set standards by using relatively thin polymeric sheets. Other methods of manufacturing Geomembranes include impregnation of geotextiles with multilayered bitumen geo-composites,elastomer/ polymer sprays, or asphalt. 

Designing a wide range of Geomembranes in varying sizes, thickness, widths and diameters, the company serves varying demands of clients with utmost perfection. Undergone stringent quality tests and evaluations, all the Geomembranes offered herein are applauded for increased elasticity modulus, decreased elongation at failure, least failure stress and the minimal ductility loss. Avail Geomembranes in highest quality as per the desired quantities in least time frames.

Properties of Geomembranes:

Products offered herein feature the following properties:




  • Density
  • Mass per unit area (weight)
  • Melt flow index
  • Thickness (textured, smooth sheet, asperity height)
  • Vapor transmission (solvent and water)
  • Anchorage strength
  • Elongation and tensile strength (axisymmetric, index, wide width and seams)
  • Interface shear strength
  • Stress cracking (single point and constant load)
  • Tear, impact & puncture resistance
  • Biological degradation (bacteria, fungi or animals)
  • Chemical & oxidative
  • degradation
  • Radioactive degradation
  • Thermal behavior (hot or cold)
  • Ultraviolet light exposure (laboratory of field)